“The next message you need is always right where you are.” -Ram Dass

Words of Kindness from Cara’s Dear Mentees and Clients:


“Being part of this mentorship with Cara has been a big eye opener. Moving through the healing of the death of my Father, I felt the call to deepening my practice in Yoga. Cara, with her wisdom and patience, helped me re-tap into that space within myself where life flows, the space that seemed so distant because of trauma.

As a preschool teacher, we highlight the importance of working with a child where they are at and not where we expect them to be. With her embodiment of this quality, Cara naturally leads you through yourself in finding You.

Yoga is a Science and an Art. All things are interconnected. I thank you Cara in helping me remember this aspect within myself.”



“I strongly recommend that anyone interested in growing their practice, especially in the realm of therapeutics, seek out time with Cara. She is an absolute wealth of information, a skillful practitioner, and a natural educator.

Cara has a way with words that allows her to teach to the heart and soul. She embodies integrity, honesty and life-long learning- if she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will educate herself and then teach others. Her curiosity and tenacity for philosophy adds an important layer to her teaching style.

Cara cultivates the qualities put forth in the yoga sutras- she is wise, thoughtful, considerate, and has a genuine love for other humans. Cara has an abundance of knowledge and experience to share.

I was fortunate to have the experience of having Cara as my mentor while developing yoga sequences for youth experiencing emotional wounds from the pandemic. Cara elevated my teaching by helping me develop a language repertoire to be used with students who have undergone negative emotional experiences.

If you can, please take the opportunity to learn from her!”