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“The next message you need is always right where you are.” -Ram Dass

Zoom Classes

Here is how you sign up for a zoom yoga class:

1. Make a donation. (Links listed below)
Please write the class that you are signing up for in the donation app.
Ex: 01/22 Monday yoga

2. I will send you a link to class in response via the platform you signed up with.

3. Log into zoom a few minutes early and we will begin!

Here are the links to my venmo and paypal.
Please make sure it is me!
It has a photo of me with a warm colored background.



If you have spotify, I will share a playlist with you in advance.
Please feel free to practice in silence or use your own music source as well.

Private Classes and Mentorships

Contact me via the contact link above to book a session with me or to ask any questions.

I am truly honored and looking forward to working with you.