The human body is a natural wellspring of wisdom. The more quiet that we become, the easier it is to listen. As we refine our ability to listen, the more clear the communication lines between body, mind and spirit become. This is the onset to healing and balance. Slowing down, and listening. With a fiery devotion and consistent practice, we are all truly capable of becoming masters of our inner landscape. First, however, we must simply and humbly set our sights on working in the direction of positive change.

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting." -Buddha

 Yoga Classes

Cara offers the following yoga classes and more:

Beginner’s Yoga

Cara’s beginner classes take you step by step through alignment, breath, and balance. Her classes encourage a safe environment that allows new students to get familiar with the basic postures, while building their own personal relationship with their practice.

Hatha/Vinyasa Flow

Flow classes are ideal for those who are familiar with the basic yoga postures. Cara does however make classes available to all ranges of students with modifications offered throughout the class. Her sequences can be deep and intense, while centered in a gentle and loving atmosphere through her nurturing vocal direction and music choices. Here she strives to help her students find the delicate balance between overcoming mental limitations and listening to their body signals.

Gentle and Therapeutics

Gentle and Therapeutics Yoga is based on soothing and toning the nervous system, low risk therapeutic movement patterns, and specialized attention to ailments or particular regions of the body. In these classes, Cara takes time approaching student requests through preventative and applicable practices from her studies in yoga therapy. This can apply to structural, physiological, and psycho-emotional imbalances that need extra care and attention.

If you have ever found yourself thinking “yoga is just not for you” due to a lack of mobility or chronic injury, this class is meant for you! Yoga is for every body in every form. All of you is welcome and we will find a yoga that will nurture your needs.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for students who prefer to become better acquainted with yoga before joining a public studio, or for those who prefer a more personalized yoga practice to reach their individual goals and deepen their yoga experience.

“My intention as a teacher is to help you discover what you love about your yoga practice and how to best meet yourself where you are now, in order to cultivate your most effective and nurturing progress.”

Contact Cara for private yoga lessons at a location convenient to you.

Yoga Therapy

Cara is a student and practitioner of yoga therapy. This is comprised of all ancient yoga practices directed and molded specifically to fit your personal and immediate needs.

Yoga therapy approaches each person as a whole. We believe that mind, body, and spirit are intimately woven and cannot be separated. Through yoga therapy, we look at your daily activities, structural, emotional, and mental patterns, and overall health in support of building an entire image of how your body, mind, and spirit are asking to be nurtured to return to balance.

These one on one sessions will follow with applications and observation of various and ancient yoga traditions including:

  • asana
  • mantra
  • pranayama
  • yoga nidra
  • visualization
  • subtle body practices

as well as intelligent and functional movement patterns to improve your quality of life.

Cara also pulls from her many backgrounds and personal experiences with theta healing, energy work, and many wise teachers. She incorporates what is needed and resonates most with each person to ensure that they cultivate a practice that they connect with deeply.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Also referred to as Yogic Sleep or Deep Relaxation, this practice is similar to and extended guided meditation that will take the client into a motionless, deep state of relaxation with complete awareness.

It is known to bring about a profound sense of well being and spiritual awakening and has no limits to who can practice this ancient tradition. It reduces stress, anxiety, and has been used more recently to assist soldiers and patients struggling with PTSD.

Cara also specializes in Yoga Nidra for cancer and heart disease. Her soothing tone and loving nature will allow you to drop deeply into a space of expansive self awareness and deep relaxation. It can be done independently and also compliments any session of yoga and/or pranayama.  


Mentorships have become one of Cara’s most recent and inspirational passions. These can range greatly in format depending on what you are looking for and how Cara can best accomodate your needs. A couple possibilities for mentorship endeavors look like the following:

  • Long term guidance into a topic/topics of your choice ranging from one month to a year.
  • Short-term projects of assistance relating to yoga and communication skills that you might want feedback or guidance in for your own business or offerings.

These are simply options but the opportunities are widely available to your imagination!

Mentorships are highly recommended for, but not at all limited to, the following:

  • You are a 200 hr certified yoga teacher or new to a healing art with tons of questions and you want to dive deeper into particular avenues of yoga and ways of teaching, connecting, and working with others.
  • You’ve practiced yoga before and want to know more about the teachings and/or your own personal practice in regards to asana, philosophy, and more.
  • You are struggling with accountability, anxiety, depression, illness and want to learn new practices and create new patterns to create discipline and inspiration in your daily life.
  • You have been a student/client of Cara’s and have always had questions and topics you want to connect more deeply on or simply want to pick her brain on many topics.
If any of these call to you, or you have just wanted an accountability guide and resonate with Cara, please reach out with what you are looking for so she can create something magical and well suited to your needs.



Energy Healing

This is primarily a healing practice involving a laying of the hands over the body. It is often likened to the practice of Reiki due to it’s similar approach to the subtle body, however, Cara is not a reiki practitioner.

Her practice has come about from studies and experiences with private mentors and intuitive guidance, as well as theta healing, trust and connection with the divine, yogic teachings of the subtle body, and personal experience and sensitivity to the emotional body.

This is not a fix-all, as nothing in life is. It can bring relief and may give insights into the deeper and less obvious layers of one’s needs and challenges.

In yoga and many other traditions, the energy body is known as the blueprint for the physical body. Addressing this subtle energetic body and allowing for re-calibration and smooth energy flow can bring about deep healing as a preventative, or in addition to the recovery, of physical distress.

Because this practice is birthed from and within the subtle realms, it is not so much to be described here, as it is to be experienced for yourself.

Common responses to this work are feelings of “going deep” and dropping into healing levels of relaxation. In some cases the physical body has experienced structural and physiological after-effects of healing, however, Cara’s intention is to create a space for the body to heal itself in it’s own guidance and timing.

Nothing is enforced and nothing can be promised. Simply trust and unconditional love are held.